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Boho-Chic: Beach Wedding in the City - Wedding Inspiration Shoot

This inspirational shoot was designed with the modern beach-lover in mind. Incorporate elements of bohemian style with a light and airy feel, into elements of striking colour and intensity - we contrast the posh glamour and fast-paced living of city life with the down-to-earth feel and relaxation of living at the beach. A perfect combination of bohemian and chic.

The Elements of Throwing an Unconventional Wedding: Part Two

Part two of the guide to celebrating your wedding in a way that’s unconventional to most. While there are many of us out there who still love weddings the old-fashioned way, the trend for the new, re-invented wedding is spreading. Even for those of us who are staying true to tradition, the call to add unconventional elements to our wedding day is growing.