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Boho-Chic: Beach Wedding in the City - Wedding Inspiration Shoot

This inspirational shoot was designed with the modern beach-lover in mind. Incorporate elements of bohemian style with a light and airy feel, into elements of striking colour and intensity - we contrast the posh glamour and fast-paced living of city life with the down-to-earth feel and relaxation of living at the beach. A perfect combination of bohemian and chic.

Romance in 1940's Havana: A Tropical Cuban Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Inspired by the romantic Spanish style of 1940's Havana, this vintage Cuban wedding inspirational shoot brings the classic tropical paradise to life. Ornate and European styles of the decade contrast against bold, bright and fun colours of Cuban style, set in the historic heritage site of the Evergreen Brick Works. 

The Elements of Throwing an Unconventional Wedding: Part Two

Part two of the guide to celebrating your wedding in a way that’s unconventional to most. While there are many of us out there who still love weddings the old-fashioned way, the trend for the new, re-invented wedding is spreading. Even for those of us who are staying true to tradition, the call to add unconventional elements to our wedding day is growing.